Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Mobile Application for Free Estimates and Invoicing

Bahaquote recently made a difference with its launch of the mobile version of the online proposal software and free invoicing software. The application will run on Android smart phones and with this, the user will be able to send estimates and invoice on the go even when not available in his or her office and also going ahead with an urgent deal even when travelling. 

The inbuilt mobile features includes-

  1. Totally free download and installation.
  2. Runs on Android smart phone mostly used by generation next users.
  3. Just 735 KB of memory space required for the installation.
  4. Compatible with Android Jelly Bean, Ice cream Sandwich, KitKat 3.2 version and above.
  5. Add product and customer information into the database even when mobile.
  6. Get paid on the spot with fewer worries on payment decline.
  7. Gain client trust through secure payment gateway integration.
  8. Get paid on the spot in all modes of payment.
  9. Unique listing of product data, customer relevant information, already created and sent invoices and details about payment receivables.
  10. Adding of customer specific information and full access to the drop down menu showing the data available that integrates with the database.
  11. A mobile guided selling approach towards constant increased ROI.
  12. Add customer specific expenses incurred which is then added to the final quote before sending.
  13. Highly professional unlimited invoice creation.
  14. Full guided selling approach
Please visit Google Play Store to download application offered free of cost to all businesses and leading e-commerce entrepreneurs.

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